Community Helpers: Police Officers

Police officers help to keep our communities orderly and safe. Here are some great lesson ideas for the next chapter in your community helpers unit!

What Does A Police Officer Do?

Once again, begin by introducing the day's community helper. We didn't mention it before, but it can be fun to create a character (e.g. Sheriff Nelson, Officer Nelson, etc.) and dress up as that character when making the introduction. If anything, your students will enjoy a bit of silliness to start the day! Detail the different roles of a police officer, what they wear, and even what they drive.

Learning About Safety Through Music

  • Discuss the importance of road signs and motor vehicle safety rules. Explain that police officers help to ensure that these rules are followed. Build on this idea by reminding students that, as pedestrians, they also have road safety procedures to remember. Discuss crosswalks, looking both ways, listening for cars, etc. Use songs like "Look Both Ways" by The Wiggles and "Walk Across The Street" by Barney to help your students remember the rules.
  • Remind your students that talking to strangers is dangerous. Also, discuss with them that they should never let anyone touch them who makes them feel unsafe. To help them learn about 'stranger danger' teach them Barney's "Stranger Song".

Police Officer Math

Police officers ensure that members of the community follow the "rules" (laws). Provide students with the challenge of following directions. Create recipe instruction cards (like the ones featured here at Irresistible Ideas) that incorporate common police objects (e.g. badge, whistle cutouts, etc.). Have students follow the "recipe" to create fun collages while brushing up on their math and direction following skills!

Police Officer Science

Provide students with ink pads and sheets of paper. Invite them to create fingerprints. Discuss how everyone has a different fingerprint and, armed with magnifying glasses, have your students tour the classroom and examine their classmate's prints. You can also mix them up to create a matching game.


  • Policeman Small by Lois Lenski
  • Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann

You might also consider taking a field trip to the police station or organizing an evening "tour" for students and their families.