Columbus Day - Making A Compass

Columbus Day Science Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Columbus Day is observed a week from today {Monday, October 8th} and, if you're planning some special activities and crafts for the day, be sure to check out this fun compass tutorial from TLC Family! Just as Christopher Columbus relied on navigational instruments on his voyage across the Atlantic, your little explorers can use their newly created compasses to practice 'navigating' themselves around the room, school yard, etc. Not only can they use their new tools during pretend play - and, of course, learn a little more about the science of how a compass works as they help construct it - there are tons of games that can be played with a compass! While you'll have to be mindful of your students' skill level, here are a few sites where you can find compass games/activities: Queen Anne Cub Scouts and Compass Learning Games {from eHow}.

Don't forget to visit TLC Family for this fun Columbus Day science activity!