Colorful Spring Flower Collage

Spring Flower Craft for Kids
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Amy Anderson, featured craft contributor at Make and Takes and creator of Let's Explore, designed this beautiful spring flower craft that's perfect for using up all those end of the year scraps!

Supplies You'll Need

Colorful Flower Cutouts

Amy and her daughters drew the flower detailing with oil pastels and crayons onto watercolor color paper, then used watercolor paints to create their colorful blooms. You might also consider...

  • Cutting flower shapes from colorful/patterned scrapbook paper or recycled magazines
  • Using bits and pieces of colorful art tissue paper to create 3D blooms
  • Painting recycled bottle caps and adding buttons, sequins, etc. to create interesting centers
  • Using mini cupcake/muffin liners to create blooms
  • Painting recycled egg carton cups and using them to create flower shapes {see this awesome tutorial}

To see how Amy and her daughters used their colorful blooms to create the flower collages, be sure to visit Make and Takes!