Classroom Games - Walking the Line & Pom Pom Races!

Gross Motor Game and Preschool Lesson Plan
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Here's another cute end-of-the-year activity from Jamie over at Hands On: As We Grow that will get your preschoolers out of their seats and moving around! Bonus; all you'll need is some colored tape, craft pom poms, and drinking straws!

Walking on the Line

This game is simple, but is sure to be a hit! Before beginning the activity, use the colored tape to make fun shaped lines on the floor (preferably in an open space in the classroom or in a hallway where there isn't a lot of foot traffic). Have your students line up then invite them to take turns 'walking on the line' - first call out which color line they'll be following, then a choose fun way for them to walk...

  • Normal
  • Backwards
  • Using teeny, tiny steps
  • In slow motion
  • Like a penguin
  • Taking giant leaps
  • Hopping on one foot
  • Sideways
  • On tip-toe
  • Etcetera!

This is a great way to improve gross motor coordination! Not to mention, with the many different combinations, your kiddos can play to their heart's content!

Pom Pom Races

This game might seem a little challenging at first, but we love it because the blowing motion used to move the pom poms along the lines works to strengthen mouth muscles important for speech development. Where else, but preschool can students race pom poms... along colored/shaped lines... using drinking straws?! A very cool idea that is sure to be an instant hit with your preschoolers!

To see how Jamie and her kiddos completed these activities, be sure to visit Hands On: As We Grow! It's a great resource for learning activities/ideas and we highly recommend checking out her other fabulous posts!