Christmas Marshmallow Graphing

Winter Counting and Graphing Math Preschool Lesson Plan
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Get a little holiday graphing practice with this adorable activity from Mrs. Morrow over at Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten! Like exercises past where students used colored goldfish crackers, skittles, M&Ms, Halloween candy, and other such manipulatives, Mrs. Morrow created a festive math activity that will have your students working with Christmas marshmallows {Kraft comes out with "Holiday Mallows" - trees, gingerbread men, and stars - around the holidays} to practice sorting, counting, graphing, and reading graphs!

Marshmallow Graphing

Separate the marshmallows into sample sets for your kiddos to explore. With the mallows and recording sheets in hand, invite your students to...

  • Sort their sample sets by type/color of marshmallow
  • Count and graph the number of each type on their recording sheet
  • Analyze the data collected determining and recording how many of each type/color were in their sample, which type they had the most/least of, etc.

This is a fabulous winter math activity that your kiddos are sure to love {especially if they get to sample some of the sweet treats in their sample sets!}.