Choosing Teams Can Be 'Puzzling'

If your kiddos have a tendency to gravitate toward the same group of friends every day, change things up a bit, inviting your students to get to know someone new, with this fun exercise for choosing teams - using puzzles! You can use store-bought puzzles or create your own, like we did! Here's what to do...

Teamwork Preschool Lesson Plan

  1. Determine how many groups you need, selecting the same number of images. [NOTE: Old calendar pages work great for this!]
  2. Teamwork Preschool Lesson Plan

  3. Create a puzzle template or find one online - we got our four piece puzzle template from Make It Crafty - and trace or use word processing software to create puzzles from the selected images. Teamwork Preschool Lesson PlanIf you created the puzzles on the computer, print them out.
  4. Teamwork Preschool Lesson Plan

  5. Cut out the pieces of each puzzle, placing them in a bag and mixing them up.
  6. Teamwork Preschool Lesson Plan

  7. Have your students choose a puzzle piece, then set about finding their classmates with matching pieces, putting the puzzle together. This will be their group for the next activity!

Even if you don't need to create groups, this can be a fun problem solving activity for your preschoolers to participate in!