Catching Fireflies' Camping-Themed Math Facts FREEbie

Camping-Themed Math Facts Practice
Photo Source: Primary Inspiration

If you're planning your classroom theme around summer camp (or evening camping in general), this FREEbie provided at Primary Inspiration is for you! Cute little fireflies are used to assist students in math fact practice. The FREEbie includes twelve sets of matching cards that have students finding the math fact sentence that corresponds with a given image. Here's an example:

Matching Pictures to Number Models Practice
Photo Source: Primary Inspiration

There's even a bonus sheet that asks students to draw in the fireflies and arrows to model the given math fact. Your kiddos are sure to love the fireflies theme. Who doesn't have a memory from their childhood of trying to chase down a lightning bug?! Perfect for a camping theme!

Be sure to head over to Linda's blog to grab your complete FREEbie and to see everything else Primary Inspiration has to offer!

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