Buggy Math: Counting & Sorting

Summer Bugs Counting and Sorting Preschool Math Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.teachpreschool.org

We love this lesson from Karen Cox of PreKinders {that we found via Deborah at Teach Preschool}! Perfect as a summer activity or included in a formal bug unit, your kiddos are sure to have a blast strengthening numeral and color recognition skills as they count and sort/group bugs in various ways - by type, by color, etc! There's even a handy {FREE!} printable to use with the lesson!

Several more ways to sort/group...

  • Flying bugs v. Non-flying bugs
  • By number of legs

Bug Math Graphing Preschool Lesson PlanAs an extension, consider adding a graphing exercise into the mix. For instance, once a student has sorted the bugs by color, invite them to count how many there are in each grouping, filling in a simple graph for a visual representation of the data. Then talk about which color has the most/least, if there are any that have an equal number, etc.

Be sure to head on over to PreKinders for the fantastic downloads and visit Teach Preschool for more pictures of the process!

P.s. If you're having trouble finding the backyard bugs counters, Deborah offers some links to online stores. We also found them at MPM School Supplies!