Bat Pattern Matching

Halloween Math Preschool Lesson Plan
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Something about Katherine's creativity and beautiful pictures makes me want to be a kid again! Check out her awesome bat pattern matching for Halloween {or the harvest season}! Not only does it look like tons of fun, it will sharpen your kiddos visual discrimination skills!

Supplies You'll Need

To assemble the game...

Simply print out the desired number of bat cutouts and use a circle punch {or a circle template} to create small cutouts from the patterned scrapbook paper. [NOTE: Remember to make two circles from each color/print.] Glue one circle from each pair onto the belly of a bat cutout and laminate to create sturdy game pieces. Use a black marker to script or word processing software to print "Bat Food" onto the envelope. Decorate the envelope as desired and place the leftover paper circles into the envelope.

To play the game...

Have your students set the bat cutouts onto a flat surface and "feed" them by placing the colored/patterned circles in the bat food envelope on the bat cutout with the matching circle.

Be sure to check out Katherine's original post - she shares tons of awesome Halloween ideas for your kiddos! And, of course, you'll find the link to the bat cutouts there...