Apple Size Sorting

Back To School, Fall, and Johnny Appleseed Math Preschool Lesson Plan
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We found this fun apple themed math exercise over at Do, Learn and Explore and thought it would go perfect with your back-to-school and/or Johnny Appleseed Day lessons. While we're certain you've encountered apple size sorting activities before, we love that this exercise consisted of two parts. First, students were invited to sort colorful cards {the lesson plan links to a set of FREE apple size sorting cards in the event you didn't want to create your own!} then, for extra practice, they were invited to sort three-dimensional plastic apples. While sorting cards are great, allowing your students to explore the fruit - hold it, feel it, compare it, etc. - really brings life to the exercise!

If you don't have access to plastic fruit, you might also consider using...

  • Craft pom pom "apples"
  • Play dough "apples"
  • Styrofoam craft balls painted red

This sorting exercise is just one of the many great apple themed activities shared at Do, Learn and Explore. Be sure to visit for links to the free downloads and for lesson ideas!