Ancient History Blends with Art in These Cave Style Paintings

Cave Style Painting

Expose your students to ancient cave paintings with these great projects from ARTolazzi and Lines, Dots, and Doodles. One site decided to explore the first-ever cave paintings found in Lascaux, France incorporating world history and art, while the other site focused on the cave paintings of the Anasazi Indians, incorporating U.S. history and art. However you prefer to do the project, they're sure to make great classroom decorations and learning aids.

Supplies You'll Need
- Gray drawing paper
- Crayola pastels
- Paper chalk
- Craft Paint
- Sponge
- Card stock
- Spray bottle
- Water

Cave Style Painting with Handprint

Begin by 'aging' the drawing paper by tearing along the edges and crumbling the paper. Next, provide your students with card stock and invite them to create their own animal stencils. Remind them that they will be using their cave paintings to tell a story and to plan their stencils accordingly. Also, encourage them to experiment with different types of stencils. Show them that when they create an animal, they can separate the actual animal shape from the card stock for tracing and outlining, but they can also tape the original card stock back together and use the paper, minus the animal shape, to create solid prints.

With the stencils made, have them create their picture story using chalk, pastels, paint & sponges to create symbols and animal renderings from the stencils. Invite them to use color and imagination! You may also find it helpful for them to write a short description of what's happening in their creation on the back.

Lines, Dots, and Doodles: Cave Paintings, 4th Grade

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