An Alternative to Messy Collage Adhesives

Most often, collages are made using a piece of paper or cardboard and some sort of adhesive. And unfortunately, if you're not careful, they can turn into gooey messes. Amanda Morgan, Not Just Cute blog creator and author, has posted a great no-mess alternative to the traditional collage.

Supplies You'll Need
- Contact paper
- Feathers
- Gems
- Pom pons
- Seeds
- Wonderfoam cutouts (flowers, letters, shapes, etc.)
- Art tissue paper in assorted colors
- Glitter pieces
- Buttons
- Colored rice
- Any other collage materials you can think of! Morgan suggests taping the contact paper face down (the paper backing facing up) onto a tray or desk and peeling the paper off to reveal the sticky surface. Provide students with an assortment of collage materials and let their creative minds work! Students won't have to worry about glue getting on their hands or classroom desks, and cleanup is a snap! Collages can be finished in two different ways. If there is enough of the sticky surface uncovered, the sticky side of the contact paper can be attached to a piece of construction paper for a 'contained' collage. If student creativity has left no sticky surface available, the non-sticky side can be taped down onto a piece of construction paper for extra support and a 'non-contained' collage.

Sticky Collage « Not Just Cute

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