Alphabet Animal Alliterations

Alphabet Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: | "Brown Bunny Bowling Baseball Bats!"

Get ready to get creative with this fun lesson from Amida at Journey Into Unschooling! At the end of the year, this is a great way to test your kiddos command of the alphabet and beginning letter sounds, as well as observe vocabulary growth. Start with an example and your kinders are sure to catch on fast!

The Process

  1. Select a letter. Begin by brainstorming a list of animals whose names begin with the letter. For instance...Animal Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
  2. Next, calling upon their knowledge of adjectives, invite your students to brainstorm a list of describing words that begin with the focus letter.Animal Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
  3. Like the adjective list, help your kiddos create word lists for nouns and verbs that start with the focus letter.Animal Literacy Kindergarten Lesson PlanAnimal Literacy Kindergarten Lesson Plan
  4. Use the brainstormed animals/words to come up with a fun scene/description to illustrate...Animal Alphabet and Literacy Kindergarten Lesson PlanTalk about how they might illustrate the drawing. For instance, a "terrific tiger" could be drawn with a blue ribbon or given a gold star to signify excellence, etc.

[NOTE: Whether they use this process or not when creating their own alliteration artwork, this process will give them experience in how to organize and tackle a problem that needs to be solved. Additionally, it will introduce them to basic parts of speech.]

Continue this exercise as a class, inviting students to illustrate their favorite scene, or have your kiddos come up with their own alliterations! Check out the awesome ideas over at Journey into Unschooling!