All About Me - Graphing, Letters, Measuring, & More!

Back To School and All About Me Preschool Lesson Plan
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The beginning of the school year is a great time to incorporate an "All About Me" unit into your lesson plans. It's a great ice breaker, helps your students get to know each other, and helps you learn a little more about your students! Jessica over at Preschool Superstars offers lots of great activity ideas to include in your unit - from graphing to alphabet practice your kiddos will be kept occupied! Here's a sneak peek at the activities, however you'll have to visit the full post for the details!

  • "What Color Are Your Eyes?" (graphing, scissor skills, collecting/analyzing data)
  • "I Have..." (writing)
  • "How Tall Are We?" (measuring, ordering)
  • "My House" glyph (counting, color recognition, following directions)
  • "What Letters Are In Your Name?" (letter recognition, spelling, sorting)

Be sure to head over to Preschool Superstars for all of the these great 'get-to-know-you' activities!

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