A Twist - On the Easter Egg Hunt!

spring Easter preschool counting egg hunt
Photo Source: theadventuresofbear.blogspot.com

Planning an Easter egg hunt for your preschoolers this year? Consider this fun twist from The Adventures of Bear! Begin with a basket of colorful plastic Easter eggs - fill them with with pom poms in assorted colors, Easter erasers, or another type of math manipulative - and set them up in the math center with egg counting cards {like these from Confessions of a Homeschooler}. Invite your students to "hunt" through the plastic eggs, counting the number of items in each and matching them to the proper number card.


  • Set out egg alphabet cards, filling the eggs with items that begin with different letters of the alphabet. Have students make matches based on beginning letter sound {i.e. match the key to the "K" card, the bouncy ball to the "B" card, etc.}
  • Have students practice working with sight words. Set out sight word egg mats and fill the eggs with slips of paper printed with the sight words in various fonts and colors. Have students hunt and make matches, setting the matching eggs on the appropriate mat.
  • Create an Easter egg puzzle {find and print a clip art egg, cutting it into several strips}, filling each egg with a different piece, and invite students to construct the image.

Your preschoolers are sure to enjoy these "twists" on the traditional Easter egg hunt!