A Perfect Compliment to Spring

As the weather has officially begun to change bringing with it more sunshine, warmth, and color, take from nature and incorporate these wonderful elements into your classroom craft time and decorations with a flower garden. Unfortunately, many teachers feel as if they need a specific reason to make a craft, so if you need to justify these beautiful spring creations, use them for your celebration of the first day of spring, Easter, or even Mother's Day.
Supplies You'll Need
- Coffee filters
- Paint
- Water
- Paintbrushes
- Green pipe cleaners

Because coffee filters soak up liquid, allowing designs and patters to diffuse into each other, you'll want to mix each dish of paint with water for the best results. For each color you should follow the approximate ratio of four parts water to one part paint. When the paint has been prepared, allow your students to start creating. Encourage them to use more than one color and to be creative with designs and patterns. Once the flowers have dried, open the filter to create a cone shape, twist the bottom into a point, and attache the pipe cleaner as a stem. These flowers look lovely in a vase or as bulletin board decorations, and can also double as a gift for someone special!

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