A "Kool" Twist to Painting

If you're looking to hit the sensory "jackpot" as far as painting is concerned, Deborah J. Steward suggests adding kool-aid to the mix!

Supplies You'll Need
- Heavy paint paper
- Kids paint brushes
- White tempera paint
- Kool-aid in assorted colors/flavors
- Light corn syrup
- Shallow dishes

In shallow containers, combine the white paint, a little bit of corn syrup, and a packet of kool-aid. This mixture will stimulate your students' sense of sight and touch with fun colors and interesting smooth, shiny texture, as well as tickle their noses with exciting smells as they create! Fun with Kool-Aid Paint

  • Provide students with a blank canvas and invite them to paint their favorite animal, vacation spot, etc.
  • Help children review shapes by providing them with pre-made shape worksheets to color in, or asking them to draw particular shapes free hand.
  • Create number or letter worksheets for students to practice tracing, numeracy, and letter recognition.
  • Furnish unit worksheets (e.g. for your gardening unit, provide a worksheet with vegetables or garden tools or for your transportation unit, provide a worksheet with buses, airplanes, cars, etc.) for students to decorate.
  • Have students create from their imagination - no prompts, no worksheets.
Painting with kool-aid in preschool

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