A Handy Craft To Inspire The Imagination

It's amazing to see a child's imagination in action. It seems that they can run around for hours developing and acting out pretend scenes. While entertaining and fun, make-believe is also an important part of child development, encouraging the expression of feelings and thoughts and building vocabulary. Additionally, with pretend play, essential social skills are being stimulated and fostered as they work together to agree on pretend 'rules' and roles. In classrooms with younger children, it is important to set aside space and time to encourage this type of imagination. Stock a tote with various hats, masks, and costumes to inspire your students' creativity. Another great way to prompt imagination is through craft time; providing students with the opportunity to design their own props for play. Try the "Hand Print Mask Craft" from About.com. Students will enjoy tracing their hands and using glitter and feathers to decorate. A handy craft for those days when creativity seems to be lacking!

Hand Print Mask Craft - How to Make a Mask using Hand Prints

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