A Creative Twist on Cutting

It’s true that kid's scissors have improved in both safety and functionality over the years. Designed specifically for small hands with blunt edges to ensure against accidents, using these tools exercises and develops fine motor skills like coordination and accuracy. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to be bulky, allowing less precision on more detailed objects. The creator of “Mini Cuties” offers a practical solution for these frustrating situations—a jumbo pushpin and a small piece of cork board or felt! Students who are having trouble maneuvering their scissors to reach small, angular areas can use the pushpin to ‘perforate’ the outline of the object, pulling away the remaining paper to reveal the desired shape. This technique doesn’t leave as clean of an edge as scissors will, but it is still an effective and safe alternative. Students test the limits of their dexterity as they try to follow the object’s outline, feel a sense of accomplishment when they don’t have to ask for help, and skip the frustrations associated with plastic safety scissors!

Mini Cuties: How to Cut Paper without Scissors?

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