3 Winter Themed Graphing Activities

Looking for some fun winter themed graphing activities to do as a class? Here are three ideas that you might consider including in your lesson plans!

Hands On Winter Graphing Activity

Do You Like Hot Chocolate?

Winter and hot cocoa just go together! While most of your kiddos have probably tried the warm, chocolatey drink at one time or another, have a tasting party - complete with marshmallows or whipped cream and chocolate shavings - and take a poll!


  • Pit homemade hot chocolate against store-bought mixes.
  • Try different flavors of hot chocolate and vote on your favorite. Land O Lakes makes a great assortment of flavors - french vanilla, raspberry, mint, warm oatmeal cookie, etc. - and offers them in convenient indiviual servings!

Winter Reading and Graphing Activity

Which Version Do You Like Best?

Winter just isn't complete without a reading of the classic children's tale, "The Mitten". This year, consider incorporating three different versions of the story into your reading plans and take a poll to see which one your students liked best! We chose versions written by Jim Aylesworth, Jan Brett, and Alvin Tresselt.

Winter Themed Writing Prompt Idea and Graphing Lesson

My Favorite Winter Activity

While this option isn't as hands on as the previous two graphing activities, it still offers an opportunity for building graphing skills and discussing how winter weather brings with it a whole new set of activities to enjoy!

As an extension, you might consider having your students not only vote for their favorite winter activity, but also write about why it's their favorite or, perhaps, recall and write about a time when they participated in the activity.