3 Simple Science Activities for Kinders

Spring Science Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.activekidsclub.com

It's important to provide hands on activities for your curious little scientists to explore. Here are three simple exercises that we're sure they'll enjoy!

Making Potions. Armed with recycled jam jars, spoons, and pitchers of water, invite your kiddos to explore the wild plants in the schoolyard, using them to make special potions. Encourage them to think about smell and appearance as they mastermind unique combinations. Twisting a lid onto their jars, have your kiddos complete a write-up back in the classroom {or out in the grass!}. Invite them to record and draw each of the ingredients, write down the exact "recipe" {to the best of their knowledge}, name their special potion, and consider what it could be used for. [ActiveKidsClub.com]

Making Clouds. Spring is a fantastic time for cloud watching. Take your kiddos outside, lay on your backs in the cool grass, and talk about these awesome formations {i.e. the types, how they're formed, etc}. See if your students can identify the type(s) of clouds they see in the sky. Of course, you'll want to throw in a few minutes of imaginative play, asking your kiddos to describe the shapes/objects they can see in the clouds. Consider having your kinders take their science journals with them in order to draw and label their findings {i.e. cumulus puppy dog}. Back in the classroom, with a few household items, your kiddos will be delighted to find that clouds can be made - indoors! [4 Crazy Kings]

Making a Kaleidoscope. With milk, food coloring, and dish soap, your students can make their own kaleidoscopes! This may be a great supplement to a lesson on attraction and repulsion as the kaleidoscope and "movement" result from the detergent repelling the fat in the milk. [Melomomma]

These great activities are sure to keep you miniature scientists interested and even entertained!

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