100th Day - Fun with Building!

What better way to celebrate 100th Day than with some collaborative building?! Preschoolers love stacking and tower building so why not capitalize on their interests with one of these fun center ideas...

100th Day Building and Fine Motor Skills Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: larremoreteachertips.blogspot.com

April over at Chalk Talk suggests setting out 100 different items on a table - foam blocks, Legos, plastic animals, wooden blocks, etc. - and inviting your kiddos to work together in order to create something. You'll be amazed at what your creative preschoolers will come up with! Castles, zoos, and towers - oh my!

100th Day Building and Fine Motor Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: joyfullearninginkc.blogspot.com

Keeping it more uniform {while also allowing for creativity}, Melissa of Joyful Learning In KC invited her students to create a structure from 100 drinking cups. Tall. Short. Narrow. Spread out. Who knew there were so many variations to be had with simple drinking cups?!

100th Day Building Activity and Fine Motor Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.toddlerapproved.com

Last, but not least, while this activity wasn't originally intended as a 100th Day activity, we think it would offer a great tabletop building exercise for your celebration. Kristina over at Toddler Approved cut generic kitchen sponges into strips and invited her kiddos to use them to build towers. Set out 100 of these sponge pieces and it will be interesting to see how creative your kiddos get as they build! [NOTE: These are especially great for tower making, they take up little space, and would be easy to use again!]

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