Vocabulary Lesson Plans

Christmas Write The Room Activity & Printable

Do your kiddos need an opportunity to leave their seats and get some of the...

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DIY February Sight Word Find

Photo Source: sunnydaysinsecondgrade.blogspot.com We're a fan of write-the-...

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Spaghetti Sight Words!

Photo Source: mrsbremersk.blogspot.com So, we recently stumbled upon Anita'...

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Literacy Center Activities: Bottle 'O Words

Photo Source: swampfrogfirstgraders.blogspot.com This awesome literacy cent...

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Gum Ball Words Literacy Center

Photo Source: www.kidscount1234.com We found this great literacy center ide...

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games-puzzles scavenger-hunt

Printing Practice with a Word Scavenger Hunt

Photo Source: chasingcheerios.blogspot.com Provide your kinders with an inc...

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Gardening Writing Center Activities for Spring

Photo Source: www.kellyskindergarten.com To go along with your spring garde...

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Out of This World Space Activities!

If you're looking for a way to breathe new life into your space unit, look no...

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