Science Worksheets

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Baby Farm Animal Match Up

Photo Source: In keeping with the animal theme we...

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Zoo Animal Flash Cards

Photo Source: These adorable zoo animal flash car...

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Living v. Nonliving Sorting Cards

Photo Source: As spring bursts on the sce...

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Earthworms & Measuring - Spring Math Activity

Photo Source: Spring is most definitely on the way ...

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Weather Flash Cards

Photo Source: Spring just seems like an appropriate time to ...

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"Will It Sink or Float?" - Printable Activity Mats

Photo Source: We found these sink/float science activi...

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Classifying Modes of Transportation

Photo Source: This activity, designed by the creators of T...

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Learning About Temperature & Sequencing with Snowmen

Photo Source: Here's a cute little science printable ...

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Paper Food Cutouts

Photo Source: Don't let these awesome (hand-drawn!) f...

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Dissecting A Pumpkin

Photo Source: Preschoolers possess an innate curiosity about the wo...

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