"Will It Sink or Float?" - Printable Activity Mats

sink float preschool printable activity mats
Photo Source: www.hsprintables.com

We found these sink/float science activity mats at Spell Outloud and had to share! A perfect activity for the coming spring months, all you need to do is print the mats, place them into plastic document protectors, and collect objects from around the classroom to test and sort. Completing the Activity


  • Begin with a few objects, but allow your students to "go on a treasure hunt" collecting a few of their own items to test.
  • Have students make predictions about each object.
  • Test each object - placing the items on the appropriate activity mat.
  • When finished have students count the number of objects on each mat and compare.
  • Invite your students to discuss why they think an object behaved a particular way - talk about weight, composition, etc.

[NOTE: If this is an individual science exploration, along with the other applications, students will also be able to practice their handwriting skills by tracing the words on the bottom of each activity mat with a dry erase crayon!]

To download the activity mats be sure to visit Spell Outloud! The printable documents can be found under Maureen's "D is for Ducks" thematic unit!

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