Earth Day Sorting Activity

Earth day recycling preschool printable activity
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After your Earth Day discussion on recycling, have your kiddos complete this fun sorting exercise from PLANETPALS! Students are invited to consider the items presented, decide whether they can be recycled or thrown away, then draw a line to the appropriate receptacle.

You might also consider...

  • Providing students with columned paper and inviting them to cut out the items and paste them under the correct heading - "Recycle" or "Throw Away".
  • Collecting a 'sample' of each item presented on the worksheet. In bins labeled "Recycle" or "Throw Away", have students work together to sort the items into the proper container. After a class discussion, invite students to record the final results on their worksheet.
  • Creating a recycling emergent reader using the 'trash' objects. In a pre-made booklet, invite students to cut and paste one of the items on each page. Have students designate whether it can be recycled and, if it can, have them draw/write/describe one or two things it can be made into.

Be sure to visit PLANETPALS for this and other Earth Day downloads!

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