Gardening Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations

Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations created this fantastic interdisciplinary, multi-skill printable gardening unit that would be perfect for spring and learning about the Earth. Featuring twelve colorful activities, here are a few of the highlights {as always, you'll have to visit Jolanthe's site for the full scoop}!

spring garden cutting and fine motor skill preschool printable
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Scissor Skills. In this exercise, students help 'water the flowers' by cutting on the line in order to connect the watering can to the colorful blooms. Jolanthe provides two scissor skill worksheets that can be printed onto different weights of paper to provide exercise variations. For additional fine motor practice, you might also consider laminating a copy of each worksheet, or sliding them into a plastic document sleeve, and placing a copy in the writing center along with a dry erase marker or crayon to use for tracing. Along with building hand strength, coordination, and learning how to properly hold a writing tool, the activity also provides pre-writing practice.

spring gardening writing patterns preschool printable
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Writing Patterns. While similar to the activity extension above, this pattern writing worksheet offers much more complex pre-writing practice - helping students practice directional movement, apply proper hand position, recognize the difference between drawing and writing, etc. Print onto the back of recycled worksheets or laminate for use with dry erase crayons.

spring garden colors and shapes preschool printable
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Colors & Shapes in Bloom. This activity is great because it requires your students to practice several concepts/skills at once - shapes, colors, color word recognition, and shape word recognition. Cut the descriptions from the flowers, inviting students to match the pieces, or have your students paste the blooms into a booklet, highlighting the color words and circling the shape words {or both!}.

spring garden parts of a plant preschool printable
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Parts of a Flower. With this fun puzzle worksheet, students will learn new vocabulary words and about the basic parts of a plant. First, invite students to construct the flower, placing the cards in the correct order, then match the appropriate vocabulary words to each part. Once they've had exposure to the words, have them play memory/matching games with the flower and vocabulary cards.

spring garden story sequencing preschool printable activity
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Story Sequencing. This activity goes along with the book, Jack's Garden, by Henry Cole. After reading the story, invite your students to take these story event strips and put them in the correct order. This can be done as a class, in small groups, or as an individual assignment.

These are just a few of the incredible activities Jolanthe has in store for your kiddos in her gardening unit. Be sure to visit her blog for more information and for the free download!

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