Nature BINGO

Spring Nature BINGO Game Preschool Printable
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Looking for an educational way to get outdoors and soak up the sun? Cindy, creator of the blog Along the Way and featured contributor at Totally Tots, found this simple BINGO game that will have your little explorers observing and learning about the world around them {all while breathing some much needed fresh air in the 'great outdoors'!}.

Worksheet Fun

To begin, provide each of your students with a game board and a pencil {or a fun sheet of stickers!}. Cindy recommends playing one of two ways: 1) A student wins when they cross off three items in a row or 2) A student wins when they've crossed off all the items on their game board.

Several considerations...

  • If completing the activity with a larger group, adapt the original worksheet to create different versions of the game card to keep things interesting.
  • If the game card features natural elements that are not abundant in your area, replace them with more common items {or just use the game board as inspiration for creating your own game!}. Consider touring the school grounds to create a list of elements your kiddos are sure to come across.

Game Extension

Back inside, invite your students to cut the game card apart and paste these images onto a page in their science journal as a heading for their entry. In each entry they might:

  • Draw and describe where they found the item.
  • Estimate how many items {i.e. acorns, bees, etc.} were at the location.
  • Draw a map that will help someone else find the item's location {including important landmarks, etc.}.
  • Create a scientific drawing of the item.
  • Describe where a classmate found the time {if they were unable to cross it off their list}.

Be sure to visit Totally Tots for this fantastic download! While the feature was written and the activity completed by Cindy, we did want to mention that the worksheet was actually created by Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations. :)