The Wonderful World of...Ants!

Spring or Summer Insect Preschool Printable
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As we continue through spring and head into summer, bugs make a great topic of conversation and subject for a thematic unit. You might simply pick out a few bugs to study or do a more in-depth study {i.e. Working Our Way Through the Alphabet...One Bug at a Time! Ants, Butterflies, Crickets, Dragonflies, etc}. Whatever you decide, here's a fantastic set of printables from Brandy Shutt and Lynn Pitts, contributors to Homeschool Share, to get you started. They can be used individually or together to create a learning lapbook.

Here's a sneak peek at a few of the activities in the pack...

  • A Year in the Life of an Ant. In this activity, students will learn when ants build nests, when it's time to lay eggs, approximatly how long it takes for larvae to mature, how and when ants prepare for the winter, and how long ants hibernate. An interesting extension to this activity might be for students to create a book of their own - "A Year in the Life of _________ [insert student's name]".
  • Who's Who in the Ant Colony. Students will learn about the different roles played by ants in the colony {and, of course, what a colony actually is!}.
  • Ant Anatomy. With this activity, students will learn about the various parts of an ant {and other interesting facts like how many stomachs an ant has, what they're used for, etc}.

These are just a few of the wonderful resources you'll find from Brandy and Lynn at Homeschool Share! While some of the terms and vocabulary might be a bit advanced, remember that these activities can certainly be adapted to the skill level of your preschoolers. Be sure to follow the link in order to download these awesome resources! [NOTE: You'll also be thrilled to note that the research needed to complete these activities has already been compiled for your convenience!]