You Can Read! - High Frequency Word Program

kindergarten literacy center activity shape words
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While she hasn't released the free printables yet, Carisa of 1+1+1=1 has put together a fantastic high frequency word program that will have you saying, "You can read!", to your exuberant kinders! Here's a glimpse at a few of the exercises in the packet - model your literacy center activities after them or hold out for the freebies!

Shape Words. In this activity, your kiddos will locate and connect the dots between matching high frequency words. At the end of the exercise they'll be surprised to find that shapes have emerged on their mat!

Connect the Words. With this exercise, students gain exposure to high frequency words/new vocabulary and build fine motor skills by tracing the line between matching words. As a variation, have students use scissors to cut the line, or provide them with ink pads and have them create a 'fingerprint line' to connect the words.

Word Puzzles. Students will practice problem solving, hone visual discrimination skills, and learn to recognize high frequency words with this fun puzzle activity. Set out a laminated base page for students to use as a guide, inviting them to match the letter puzzle pieces to their proper place on the sight word board, and when comfortable, remove the base page for a more challenging exercise.

Mixed Up Fonts. In this activity, students must search out and circle matching sight words using the color specified in the key. The challenge; the words are printed in different fonts making it important for students to look closely in order to make the correct matches.

Word Play Dough Mats. Help your kiddos strengthen fine motor skills, review proper letter formation, and gain exposure to high frequency words with fun play dough mats.

Other activities you'll find at 1+1+1=1...

  • Sentence search
  • High frequency word search
  • Word tracing cards
  • Word BINGO
  • Color by Word
  • And more!

This comprehensive high frequency word reading program is sure to be a great supplement to your lessons and the activities a fantastic addition to your literacy centers! Be sure to visit Carisa's blog for the details and updates about it's release!