Writing Center Activity - Sticker Stories

Storytelling and Writing Center Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: castlesandcrayons.blogspot.com

Along with stamps and photos, stickers are a great way to spark your little writers' imaginations. Kelli, creator of Castles and Crayons and designer of this adorable writing center, suggests providing students with stickers and a story starter page, then inviting them to select several of their favorite stickers, create an illustration using them, and write a story based on the illustration. Knowing how much kids love stickers, we're certain this will be a hit with your kinders!

[NOTE: While you'll have to provide the stickers - you can probably find large books of 1000-count stickers at Michael's or your local craft store - we think it's fabulous that Kelli provides a FREE download of her story starter page at Castles and Crayons!]

Be sure to visit Kelli's blog for other fantastic learning activities, as well as the story starter download!