Writer’s Block

LEGO pieces

Looking for an interesting way to help your kindergartners review vocabulary, learn about basic sentence structure, and practice building their own simple sentences? Here's an awesome idea from Lindsey Boardman - mother and creator of the blog, Filth Wizardry. {It was even featured by Debra Immergut in Disney's FamilyFun Magazine!}

Supplies You'll Need

Before beginning the activity compile a list of vocabulary or sight words your students have been working on, scripting them onto the labels. Apply each of these labels to the side of a Duplo block. Then have your students practice word recognition (ex. "Can you find ______?") and, once they're comfortable with the word choices available, help them "build" their own sentences!

The activity is unique, uses materials that can be found around the classroom, and breathes new life into a familiar classroom toy! There's even a starter list of vocabulary words for you and your students to enjoy if you visit FamilyFun!