Word Rocket - Spelling, Writing, & Counting!

Sight Word Game and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.playdoughtoplato.com

We recently stumbled upon Malia's blog, Playdough To Plato, and it has become another fast favorite! Check out this fabulous spelling, writing, and counting game she invented for end-of-the-year review/practice...

Students take turns rolling three game die - 1 vowel dice and 2 consonant dice. If they can arrange the letters rolled to create a CVC word, invite them to record the word on their page and pass the die to the next player. If they can't, they'll skip their turn and try again next time. The first player to create 10 words initiates 'blast off' and wins!

The best part is, Malia provides a printable game board for your kiddos to use! Be sure to visit Playdough To Plato for the download, recommendations for putting the game together, and lots of other great resources!