Winter Sensory Fun - Names In The Snow

Winter Name Recognition and Sensory Preschool Lesson Plan
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This simple activity created by Scott, early childhood educator and blogger over at Brick by Brick, is sure to catch your kiddos attention as well as offer a fun addition to your winter lesson plans!

Here's the gist...

Add your kiddos' names, printed on strips of paper, to a bowl of shredded paper {or "snow"!} and invite your preschoolers to go on a name hunt - finding their name and their friend's names! This is great for name recognition and the shredded paper offers a fun sensory element! As an extension, you might consider creating a game mat with your preschoolers photos that students can use to match the drawn name slips to.

Winter Sight Word Game and Preschool Lesson PlanThis game can also be tailored to fit other concepts and skills you're working on with your preschoolers. Sight words, for example. Hide sight word slips and invite your students to record their finds on a recording worksheet - i.e. type the words up and invite students to mark each find with a BINGO dauber or sticker, etc. {See picture above}

Literacy Preschool Printable and Preschool Lesson Plan
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Jolanthe's Read! Build! Write! vocabulary mats would also be great. Students could place the sight word slip at the top, use the included letter tiles to build the word, then practice writing the sight word on the laminated mat with a dry erase or transparency marker. The mat then wipes clean and is ready for the next word found!

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