Winter Number Order Activity

Winter Math Sorting and Ordering Number Center Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We thought this winter number order activity from Michelle at Fabulous in First would be a great center activity to help ease your kiddos back into the swing of things. The concept is quite simple, but is sure to help your kiddos review numbers and ordering, as well as provide them with a bit of printing practice.

Here's how the activity works...

Before the activity, determine various focus number sequences and create a set of number cards for each. Be sure to use different winter themed clip art so that students can tell each sequence apart. To complete the activity, invite students to sort the number cards into groups by image {i.e. all the red sleds with the red sleds, the blue mittens with the blue mittens, etc.}, then work on each individual set, putting the numbers in order from least to greatest. For the last step, have your kiddos record their work on a recording sheet.

Here's the best part, not only did Michelle come up with this fun winter center idea, she offers this activity, along with lots of other great learning exercises, for purchase at her Teachers Pay Teachers site. If you don't have the time or creativity to create your own, be sure to check hers out!