Winter Mitten Match-Up

Winter Matching Preschool Lesson Plan
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Test your kiddos matching skills with this cutesy activity from Handmade Beginnings. Simply cut mitten shapes from your favorite scrapbook or craft paper - two of each color/pattern - and string a piece of yarn from two chairs for some 'clothespin-ning' fun!

Eva, who wanted her daughter to build visual discrimination and fine motor skills, left the mittens blank and invited her little one to pin pairs based on color/pattern. If you desire a more complex activity, you might consider adding extra items to the mitten cutouts and inviting your kiddos to pin the mittens on the line using a different set of criteria...

  • Match the upper and lower case letters
  • Match the numeral to the correct number word {or mitten with the correct number of dots}
  • Match the shapes
  • Match the rhyming pairs
  • Place the mittens in alphabetical order
  • Place the mittens in numerical order

Be sure to visit Handmade Beginnings for some extensions to this fun activity idea!

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