Visiting First Grade - End of the Year Mini Field Trip!

End of the Year Preschool Lesson Plan
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Now that your kindergartners are going to be first graders, have you thought about taking them on a 'field trip' to check out their new domain? We love the idea of giving them a brief introduction to what the next school year will hold, ahead of time, to help them quell some of the butterflies they might have when they come for meet the teacher night next year. We found this great worksheet over at Lesson Plan SOS and thought it offered a great addition to the lesson - a place for your kinders to organize their questions. {Or, of course, you might create a cute and colorful anchor chart!}

Before visiting the floor and perhaps meeting a teacher/touring a classroom {or two!}, invite each student to come up with and share a question they have about first grade - i.e. about next year’s curriculum, classroom, homework, behavior, etc. Compile your list of questions, using the worksheet or an anchor chart, and keep them in mind as you go on your tour! Back in the classroom discuss any remaining questions they may have.

What a fun idea - we know your kindergartners will have a blast visiting their new floor!

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