Valentine's Day Writing Activities

While your preschoolers certainly aren't experts in penmanship or writing novels, a classroom writing center offers a great opportunity for your students or child to gain an understanding of how letters are formed, develop the fine motor skills needed to write, and build vocabulary. Here are some great activities to use during your Valentine's Day unit!

writing in salt
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Sensory Writing

We got this great idea from Not Just Cute. Prepare a large tray or baking pan with colored salt or sand (perhaps pink for the holiday!). Provide letter or vocabulary word flash cards for students to look at and copy into the salt or sand. It's a simple activity (and honestly, does the same thing as copying the letters or words onto a piece of paper), but it adds enough of a twist that students won't think it's work, only play!

Valentine Design Studio

What better way to put writing skills into practice than to have students design, write, and address valentines to classmates, friends, and family members?

  • Set out construction paper, heart cutouts, glitter, markers, and other craft embellishments for students to use in creating personalized valentines for family and friends. Provide several traceable messages that students can use for inspiration as well as handwriting practice.
  • Find sets of printable valentines online, print, and set out for students to address and use during pretend play. You can find some super cute {free!} printable valentines here.
  • Set out old magazines and have students create valentine messages using letter cutouts and photo clippings. Invite them to copy from pre-written greetings or help them create their own expressions of love!

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