Valentine's Day Science Activities

magnetic wands
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Magnetic Attraction

Valentine's Day is all about love, romance, and attraction. Mackie Rhodes of Scholastic suggests you bring that very idea into the classroom (well, a version of it at least!) by exploring the attraction between magnets! Create two large hearts from red bulletin board paper labeling one "Magnetic" and the other "Nonmagnetic", then invite your students to go on a scavenger hunt around the classroom to find an object they think will fit in each category. Have your students place their objects on the proper heart. Have students test the objects using magnetic wands and discuss the results.

Colored Roses

Since traditional Valentine's Day gifts are flowers and chocolates, teach your preschoolers a thing or two about a plant's vascular system (in less fancy terms of course!) by coloring white roses or carnations. Place the flower in a beaker of red water, then watch nature do the rest! Your students will be amazed at the transformation and the ability to see all the flower's tiny little veins. Here's a great tutorial for this project - be sure to check it out, as well as the multicolored flower option!

Exploring Taste & Smell

Collect several types of traditional Valentine's Day candy (i.e. chocolate, conversation hearts, etc.). Blindfold your students and provide them with samples of each and, based on taste and smell, have them determine what each is. [NOTE: In this activity, you need to be very aware of any allergies, diet restrictions, etc. that your students may have. Send a note home to parents to ascertain any concerns or situations you should be aware of.]