Valentine's Day Fun - Working with Colors & Rhymes

Valentine's Day Literacy and Colors Preschool Lesson Plan
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We were perusing Beth's Valentine's Day activities over at From The Hive and we really liked the literacy and color review exercise she did with her students that used a cutesy Valentine rhyme!

The supply list is super simple. You'll need a copy of the rhyme {be sure to visit From The Hive!}, as well as 6 construction paper hearts - one red, one blue, one pink, one white, one green, and one yellow. Use scissors, cutting out your own to decorate, or find a black and white clip art image online to print directly onto the colored paper.

The aim of the exercise; after reciting the rhyme, students must try to guess which valentine is your favorite by determining which color word rhymes with the word at the end of the poem. Beth said her kiddos did great with this activity and we think yours will catch on pretty fast too!

Be sure to visit From The Hive for this adorable poem and, while you're there, check out the other fabulous Valentine's Day activities Beth suggests!