Using Magazine Inserts for Printing Practice

Printing and Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
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You know those pesky advertisements/inserts that marketing "gurus" have suggested be stuck between what feels like every page of your favorite magazines? Rather than continue to be annoyed by their presence {and the fact that you can't read an article without one falling at your feet}, use them to create something extra special for your preschoolers! Katherine of Katherine Marie Photography recently posted this brilliant solution - use them to make booklets that your preschoolers can use to practice printing their name, address, etc!

Add some fancy paper, a binder ring or ribbon, maybe even a cutesy little title tag like Katherine's, and you're in business! [NOTE: You might also want to include an "address book" - complete with name and pertinent data - that your kiddos can look at and copy their information from!] If this is for your classroom {or even home!}, consider laminating the pages to create reusable booklets that can be set out with dry erase markers and a slightly damp paper towel. While you're certain to have inserts to spare, limited classroom/writing center space may call for a classroom booklet in lieu of personal address books!

Head on over to Katherine Marie Photography for this and other fantastic early childhood activities for the home and classroom!