5 Sequencing/Retelling Activities for "The Mitten"

Your winter lesson plans just wouldn't be complete without Jan Brett's classic children's tale, "The Mitten" (or an appearance of it, at the very least!). While there are many other book themed activities you and your kiddos can explore together, one thing the story is great for is working on sequencing/retelling skills. Here are a few ways you might work with your kiddos to recount the story of the lost mitten and the menegerie of animals who make it their home for the afternoon...

Mitten Themed Winter Storytelling Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten

Paint Stick Storytelling

Great for use from year to year, attach Velcro dots to a paint stirrer stick, print and laminate animal cutouts (attaching the other side of the Velcro dots to the backs of each animal cutout), then invite students to add the appropriate animal to the stick as they retell the story.

Mitten Themed Winter Story Sequencing Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten

Mitten Pocket Retelling Activity

Use a file folder (and laminated mitten cutouts, optional) to create a mitten shaped pocket. Print and laminate animal cutouts, then invite students to stuff the mitten as they retell the story.

Preschool and Kindergarten Winter Story Sequencing Lesson Idea

Storytelling Pocket Chart

Super simple, but still effective, have students put the animal cutouts and animal name cards in order as they retell the sequence of events.

Preschool and Kindergarten Winter Mitten Themed Storytelling Lesson Idea

Sequencing Map

An activity that your kiddos can do at their desk, invite students to cut out the animal pictures and paste them in the appropriate order on their worksheet.

Storytelling Bracelet/Necklace

Provide students with a length of yarn (perhaps describing it as a string from the lost mitten) and laminated animal cutouts turned into "charms" - i.e. punch a small hole in the top of each animal cutout and thread with a thin wire ring (like those used in jewelry making). Students can then string the charms on the string as they retell the story. [Had a few techical difficulties with the image! Will be uploaded soon!]

Please note that all of these fun storytelling/sequencing activities were made using Jan Brett's amazing free printables! You can find your own copy at her website --> JanBrett.com