The Earth Bowl - Earth Day Science Lesson

Earth Day Science Kindergarten Lesson PlanEarth Day provides a great opportunity for your kinders to learn more about the world around them. Here's a fun lesson from The Franklin Institute that incorporates fun treats and an introduction to the different layers of the Earth. 

The Earth's Layers

Your kiddos may not know this, but the Earth is comprised of four different layers - the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust. Using graham crackers and various flavors of jell-o {or alternative ingredients described below}, help your students create a cross section of the Earth so that they see what's beneath their feet! And, unlike the models {which take a few hours to make}, the Earth took 5 billion years to form!

Alternative ingredients...

  • Use an Oreo for the inner core because it's solid and dense.
  • Use pudding for the outer core.
  • Use Jell-o for the mantle because it is more solid than the outer core, but not completely solid.
  • Use graham crackers and/or Rice Krispies for the crust.
The best part - learning is oh so sweet! Students will be thrilled when they get the go-ahead to eat their cross section of the Earth!

For the full lesson, including the depth and other characteristics of each layer, be sure to visit The Franklin Institute!

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