Summer Science - What Dissolves in Water?

Summer Science Experiment and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Summers offers a fabulous opportunity to mix outdoor play with science. You know that list of messy experiments that seem a bit daunting to recreate in the classroom? Take them outside and let your kiddos enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed!

While this experiment from Jamie over at Hands On: As We Grow isn't the messiest that we've come across, the scooping and stirring make it a great candidate for outdoor exploration. Provided with jars of water (one for each substance to be tested) and various substances found around the house/classroom - i.e. Jell-O powder, glitter, drink mixes, baking powder, salt, etc. - invite your kiddos predict whether they think each of the substances will dissolve in the water, then test and find out! While the project is simple to complete, your kiddos are sure to be amazed at how the various substances stack up to their predictions!

You might consider having your little scientists keep track of their predictions and observations in their science journals; recording their guesses and, perhaps, drawing what happens to the water as well as noting the changes that take place.

To see all of the substances Jamie and her kiddos tested, as well as pictures of their set-up, be sure to visit Hands On: As We Grow!