Summer Science - What Attracts Ants?

Spring and Summer Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo © 2006 Mahalie Stackpole, Flickr

Picnics seem to attract all sorts of interesting guests - especially ants! As a fun spring/summer science exercise, explore as a class what foods work best to attract ants...

Supplies You'll Need

  • Plastic cups
  • Various types of food
  • Recycled cardboard pieces 

Have your kiddos help you prepare each plastic cup with a different type of food, inviting students to hypothesize which cup will attract the most ants. Then, take the cups out into the school yard and bury them {to the rim} in the ground, using the recycled cardboard to cover the cups. Check on the cups later in the day to see if your kiddos' hypotheses are correct!

All kids love bugs and going outside - we're sure this will be a hit with the entire class!