Summer Science - Spiders and Their Webs

Outdoor Summer Science Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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The good thing about this spider exploration activity from Terri of Creative Family Fun {featured at Playful Learning} is that it can be enjoyed by all, even those squeamish around spiders and creepy crawlies! We absolutely love how she and her daughter decided to learn about spiders by 'being spiders' themselves - scouting out a good location and using string to 'spin' a spider web, acting out and exploring how webs work to trap food, etc.

Terri suggests several great resources - books, websites, etc. - to help you and your kiddos as you learn about these amazing creatures. As a compliment to these activities, be sure to equip your kiddos with magnifying glasses, mason jars {with holes poked in the lid}, and their science notebooks, inviting them to find and observe real spiders to round-out their study. Invite them to draw pictures of the spiders in their natural habitat, perhaps hypothesizing why they found each spider where they did, and, for the truly brave, encourage them to catch a spider in their jar to observe up close!

For the list of resources and tips on how to 'be spiders', be sure to visit Playful Learning's feature of Terri's activity!