Summer Fun - Glow in the Dark GOO!

Sensory Science Preschool Lesson Plan
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You've probably made the traditional goo or 'oobleck' for your kiddos a time or two, so it's nothing super new, but how fun is this glow in the dark goo from Emma and Kerry over at ScienceSparks?! The glow-factor adds a whole new life to any activity, not to mention most preschoolers are thrilled to get their hands on all things squishy, slimy, and/or gooey!

Preparing your sensory table, a plastic storage tub, or large bowl for the activity, Emma suggests starting with a simple goo recipe - cornstarch and water - then adding the secret ingredient to make it glow...

...We won't spoil the surprise though! Be sure to head on over to ScienceSparks for the secret to glow in the dark goo! Your kiddos will be thrilled you did :D