Storytelling with Fairy Tale Dice

Life Is a Game of Chance
Photo © 2010 Jeff Golden | more info (via: Wylio)

Storytelling is a fantastic way for your kindergartners to learn about sentence structure, practice building simple sentences, and strengthen sight word recognition. We found this great lesson example from lesson writer, Virginia Jean Herrod. In honor of International Children's Book Day {on April 2nd} and famous children's fairy tale author Hans Christian Anderson {whose birthday falls on the 2nd as well}, students will write their own fairy tale using several large dice - that's right, dice! The outline stays the same, but the possibilities are endless as your students "roll" and weave new fairy tales.

Fairy Tale Storytelling Dice

First you'll need to create the props. With Styrofoam cubes {or square tissue boxes}, colorful paper, and clear contact paper make the following:

  • One character die. {Have students brainstorm and vote for their top six fairy tale characters.}
  • One adjective die.
  • One residence die. {Have students brainstorm different types of houses/buildings.}
  • One place/setting die.

Writing Stories

Virginia suggests following a story model, filling in the blanks by rolling the correct die {kind of like a Mad Lib puzzle!}. Here is her example:

"Once upon a time there was a...[Roll the character die and insert a character and/or name]."

"...who lived in a...[roll both the adjective and residence dice and insert a description]."

"One day [character name] decided to go to...[Roll the place/setting die and insert place]"

"...where she/he met...[Roll the character die and insert a character and/or name]."

Here's a completed beginning:

"Once upon a time there was [a princess named Jasmine] who lived in a [messy apartment]. One day, Jasmine decided to go to [the corner store] where she met [Eeyore]..."

Help students continue the story by adding details and events based on the beginning sentences. What did Jasmine do at the corner store? Did she buy supplies to fix up her messy apartment? Did she even care about the messy apartment? Do Jasmine and Eeyore become friends? And so on and so on. Whenever your child(ren) or students are ready for a new character or place, have them roll the dice.

Students are sure to have a blast with this exercise whether they work individually, in a small group, or as a class! At the end, compile a book of your {mixed up} fairy tales to enjoy throughout the year!