Story Starters - Using Story Bags in the Writing Center

Writing Center Activities and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: | Jackie Boucher

While it's very likely that your kinders are über creative on their own, we still love the idea of using story bags in the writing center. They're sure to prick the imagination and it's super fun to see how each child can use the same elements to come up with a completely different tale!

Story Bags

Find simple brown paper lunch bags or recycle handled bags you have lying around the house {Jackie over at Apartment Therapy used Starbuck's bags!}, filling them with various items collected from around the classroom. Label each bag with a different number and set them in the writing center. To use, simply invite your kiddos to pull out the items and tell/write a story. If writing, be sure to have them record the number of the story bag they used. Jackie also suggested using them for some collaborative writing...

We think these are a fun way to spruce up the writing center for the end-of-the-year! {Of course, they'd be a great addition any time of year!}