St. Patrick's Day Literacy Activities

Are you ready for St. Patrick's Day in a few weeks? If you're struggling to come up with new center ideas or simply have a few 'gaps' in your lesson plans that need to be filled, we've been on the lookout for fun and simple activities you might consider working on with your kinders...

St. Patrick's Day Literacy Centers and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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When we first entered the educational blogosphere, Vanessa's teacher/parent resource site, Pre-K Pages, became a fast favorite! Full of colorful and engaging lesson ideas - as well as FREE printables - Vanessa's site is one of the first stops we make when looking for new and inspiring activities. Recently, she posted some new St. Patrick's Day literacy activities that help support early literacy/Common Core standards and the activities do not disappoint! You'll have to visit Pre-K Pages for the full lesson + printables, but here's a sneak peek at the great resources you'll find...

  • Working with syllables? Provide your kiddos with some 'pot of gold' syllable counting practice. Presented with pictures on pots of gold, students are invited to identify the picture/word, count the number syllables in the word, and place the corresponding number of gold coins next to it.
  • Introducing rhyming words? Try the 'pot of gold' rhyming activity {pictured above}. Students are invited to identify the pictures on the pots of gold and find the gold coin cutouts with the corresponding rhyming words.
  • Practicing beginning letter sounds? Consider the 'pot of gold' beginning sounds activity. Provided with pots of gold labeled with letters, students are invited to find the gold coin cutouts with the corresponding beginning sounds.

[NOTE: Not only are the activities great - we also love how Vanessa set them up, so be sure to take note when you visit her site!]

To check out and grab a copy of these fabulous holiday literacy centers, be sure to visit Pre-K Pages. And, while you're there, be sure to check out the rest of Vanessa's amazing resources!